Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about my hand dyed fabric and threads.

I will answer most, if not all, of your cross stitch fabric and thread questions here. 


I've just placed an order, how long will it take to ship?
Although most items listed are ready to go, I aim to ship within 2-3 weeks, however sometimes this may be longer. I have a child at home so things can happen unexpectedly. If it's going to take longer than 3 weeks to ship, I will contact you.

How long will it take for a custom order?
The processing times for custom orders are currently 4-6 weeks. If you would like to decrease the processing time, I can do this for an extra fee.

What is Ferret Loyalty?
I'm glad you asked! It's my new loyalty/rewards program. For every £1 you spend, you'll get 3 Dooks (a dook is the sound a ferret makes when it's happy!). You can spend your Dooks in increments of 500 to get money off your order. 500 Dooks = £5. Dooks can only be spent on ready-made fabric, thread and patterns. They can not be spent on Fiver Friday offers, collaboration or special items.

How are shipping costs calculated?
Shipping costs are calculated using weights of the items you are ordering. This means that instead of an additional fee per item, it'll entirely be based on the weight of your order, therefore it will be more accurate!

Do you accept cancellations/returns?
Generally, I do not accept cancellations or returns. However, some things are beyond anyone's control and I will work with you if something unexpected comes up. Please note, I will not accept cancellations or returns on custom orders under any circumstances.

Where are you based?
I am in the UK, but I ship to a lot of places across the globe!

Can I wash my hand dyed fabric/thread?
Although I use fibre reactive dyes, I highly recommend not washing your fabric or threads after finishing your project. I do my utmost best to ensure there are no dye particles left within the products, however I wouldn't want you to risk your hard work just in case there are any hidden gremlins. If you absolutely must wash your finished project, please only do so in cold water, with the tiniest amount of cleanser.

How do you measure the fabrics?
I measure all fabrics after they have been dyed, rinsed, dried and ironed. Although some fabrics do have a tendency to shrink, this will not impact the size of the piece you will receive due to the measuring process.

Do you offer wholesale orders?
I do indeed! Please use the Custom Order page with your requirements to get a quote. Wholesale order processing times vary depending on the amount ordered, so do get in touch for an accurate timeframe.

What's the criteria for wholesale?
To qualify for wholesale pricing, the order must consist of 20 or more pieces of the same thread colourway. For fabrics, this must be 20 or more of the same colourway with the same count and size, or 50 or more of the same colourway for varying counts and sizes.

Any other questions?
Please email me on